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SG SALVAGE professional commercial divers have decades of experience on numerous inshore and offshore commercial diving projects.  No task is too big or too small, and our specialist teams can design systems and manage projects in accordance with our ISO 9001 Quality Management System to ensure 100% customer satisfaction.

Underwater Inspection

Maintenance &
Structural Repairs

Splash Zone Corrosion Restoration

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Inshore Commercial Diving Services 

  • Jetty/quay construction and maintenance including:

  • Underwater high pressure and cavitation cleaning of piles/installations

  • Anode supply, inspection, installation and CP readings

  • CSWIP Inspection Services/ NDT

  • Maintenance and installation of fenders and quick-release systems

  • Ladder, bollard and accessory fittings maintenance and installation

  • Jetty Survey Services

  • Underwater Construction and Demolition

  • Ultra-thermic Cutting

  • Welding

  • Confined Space Entry

  • Block Placing

  • Scour Protection

  • Underwater Shuttering and Concrete Pouring

  • Bubble screen oil spill protection system installation

  • Channel inspection and probing for cable and pipeline path

  • Pipe and Cable Laying

  • Cable Protection Installation

  • Multi-beam Survey

  • Topography and Sediment Surveys

  • Construction of cofferdams for construction and shipping projects

  • Sand Bypass Systems

  • Profile Dredging and High-spot Removal

  • Sluice Gate Maintenance and Installation

  • Inland Waterway Works

  • Foundation Inspection and Laying

  • Bridge Construction and Demolition

  • Fire Pump and Cooling Systems Intake Maintenance and Installation

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Examples of past team experience include:

  • Ben Schoeman Container quay expansion Cape Town, South Africa

  • Quay construction and repair, Saldanha Bay, South Africa

  • Oil terminal and multi-purpose port underwater inspection and maintenance, Saldanha Bay, South Africa

  • Bridge demolition, Ely, UK

  • Sluice gate flood control system installation, Great Yarmouth, UK

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Offshore Commercial Services

  • SPM buoy maintenance

  • FPSO maintenance

  • Offshore installation construction and maintenance

  • Offshore support vessels

  • Offshore re-supply

  • Offshore Cable and Pipe Laying Assistance

  • Loading & Offloading Tanker Hookups

  • Offshore Platform Inspection

  • CSWIP Inspection Services


As ABS and RINA Recognised External Specialists, a core part of our work involves in-water surveys and inspections.  In April 2018, our professional commercial dive team conducted a detailed survey of the Doraleh Oil Terminal in Djibouti, East Africa, in company with an ABS Group Surveyor.


The terminal inspection involved visual inspection of mooring dolphins, thickness checking of piles and cathodic protection evaluation. 


A summary of the work conducted included:


Visual Inspection

  • 100% visual inspection performed of the in-water zone, atmospheric zone and splash zone of the piles

  • Assessments made of the painting maintenance and levels of corrosion

  • Cleaning of piles to assess levels of pitting and corrosion under marine growth

Cathodic Protection Evaluation

  • Levels of anode efficiency evaluated

  • Levels of anode consumption/wastage evaluated

  • Anode composition analysed


Cathodic Polarisation

  • Cathodic polarization analysed as per NACE standard SP0169


Thickness Survey

  • Thickness survey carried out for splash zone and at depth with ABS approved calibrated gauge


Health, Safety and Environment

The following plans and documents were compiled in accordance with our Standard Operating Procedures:


·        HSE Plan

·        Project Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment

·        Dive Plan

·        Emergency Response Plan

·        Project Plan in accordance with our ISO 9001 QMS

·        Safe Systems of Work

·        Tool Box Talks

·        Client Representative Briefs

·        Reporting Procedures to Client Requirements

·        Safe Procedure Checklists

·        Personnel Training and Competency Packs

·        Equipment Planned Maintenance Logs

·        Calibration Logs

·        Mobilisation and De-mobilization Plan

·        Environmental Impact Assessment


Quality Management System

Sovereign Global Group runs an integrated Health, Safety, Security, Environment and Quality (HSSEQ) Management System which has seen lost-time injuries and injury frequency rates reduce, and customer satisfaction, business reputation and environmental sustainability increase.  Having been certified to ISO 9001 since 2014, and the new ISO 9001:2015 standard since 2016, Sovereign Global Group prides itself on operating to the highest possible standards of Quality and Safety.  We are also certified to ISM (International Safety Management) code standard, and as participators in the UN Global Compact we are committed to conducting our business in the most sustainable way possible. 


Having built and improved our HSSEQ Management System over the years, our network of HSSEQ Representatives are always available to provide help and guidance during project planning, implementation, auditing and process revision, culminating in an efficient, effective system where customer satisfaction is achieved under the ethos of continuous improvement, careful risk management and opportunity maximisation.  Customer collaboration is integral to every stage of project development and execution, as only this way can the client’s needs and expectations be understood and realised.

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