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SG-SALVAGE has extensive experience with wreck recovery and the removal of derelict vessels and barges – managing all aspects of salvage operations and ensuring efficiency and safety throughout complex and challenging projects. We’re equipped to handle a wide range of projects including:deep-water vessel and cargo recovery, wreck and debris removal, heavy-lift operations, dead-ship towing and open-ocean scuttling. Together with our partners and skilled project management team includes an on-staff naval architect; we can provide salvage engineering and scalable response assistance for any marine casualty.

Our specialized equipment includes: deck barges, ROVs, sonar survey tools, vessel-lifting and recovery equipment, roller bags, remote cargo-sampling tools, high capacity pumps, lift bags and more.

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Whilst most country’s provide Search and Rescue (SAR) capabilities in each respective SAR region, the political and legal tangles of providing these services within the HOA area for mariners at sea remain challenging. 

These challenges are common to most routes across the HOA and African regions.

SG SALVAGE has been involved in SAR operations since 2004. Its work has mostly focused on search and rescue activities at sea within the HOA area with huge success and operates 3 x  12 -meter high speed /  long range Rescue Boats.

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Our people, experience, and proven track record make SG-SALVAGE the hoa number one provider of environmental services. SG-SALVAGE offers safe and effective solutions to day-to-day spill prevention, emergency oil spill response, and derelict vessel reclamation – even under the most difficult conditions. Our upland services include demolition, soil remediation operations, fuel system services, training, and consulting.  

Helicopter Rescue


We can provide casualty evacuation to National and private treatment facilities around the Horn of Africa.  Our fast rescue boats can be on scene quickly to ensure every chance of treatment within the ‘Golden Hour’ by which time trauma experts agree severely injured patients must receive some form of advanced lifesaving intervention.  Our boats are specially equipped marine-medical assets manned by competent doctors with appropriate skill levels to provide the necessary critical care interventions to stabilize severely wounded, injured or ill personnel for a period of transit that could last hours.


UXO Marine Survey, Detection and Clearance

SG Salvage has international experience in land and underwater Explosive Ordnance surveys and clearance. We can provide you with innovative, technically advanced and individually tailored survey and clearance solutions. 


Detection & Clearance


Many areas of the world's marine environment have been contaminated by UXO as a result of years of conflict, military use and sea dumping. The detection and clearance of unexploded ordnance in an underwater environment is a difficult and challenging operation which requires suitably qualified and experienced staff with the appropriate tried and proven equipment. SG's team of specialists will carry out the job with great care and focuses on creating safe conditions for the clearance operations.

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